Diva Marine 
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Vessel NameCruise CodeDeparture Date (Time)Return Date (Time)Cruise TypePrice PP (THB)
SY Diva Andaman 2019/1/ADC/04/15 15-04-2019 (18:00) 03-05-2019 (9:00) Andamans Dive Cruise (18 D /18 N) 160,500
SY Diva Andaman 2020/1/ADC/04/15 15-04-2020 (18:00) 03-03-2020 (9:00) Andamans Dive Cruise (18 D /18 N) 176,550
Prices here above are per person and all inclusive except air ticket, immigration visa and national park fees, beer, wine, liquors, Thai traditional massage and Nitrox.
*** National Patk and Immigration Fees: Burma: 250 USD per Person - Thailand: 2,000 THB per Person